About the MC Project



In response to these latest developments, the MC project has been designed together with indigenous communities to bring about change: it will first, alleviate the most pressing grievances that are causing their suffering today, and second, support them in building up their very own capabilities to improve their current living conditions through their own strength.

Our Project:

In practice, MC will provide the following support:

 I) Solar panel equipment to generate electricity;

II) Productivity enhancing tools, matched to the particular activities of the different communities;

III) Training sessions for the installation, use, and maintenance of the solar panels, as well as for micro-entrepreneurial activities.

When analysing the circumstances of the local communities, it was found that these precise tools are exactly what the Mapuche people need to tackle their current challenges. The tools will aid local Mapuche producers in their agricultural tasks and their small scale income generating activities. Furthermore, in the short term, the tools will provide direct relief for communities from their most pressing issues they are facing today: poverty, environmental degradation, loss of cultural identity, and water shortage.

What will be the impact for the communities?

  • Preserve the environment 
  • Alleviate poverty 
  • Provide fast relief to water shortage  
  • Revitalize the Mapuches’ cultural heritage and traditions  

How can you help us?

Our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is rolling on until Sunday 13th December 2015, support our effort by contribution. In addition to your contribution, you can help us by telling your friends, family and colleagues about the Mapuche Chapter Campaign.